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I received a complimentary copy of Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. This book reached out, grabbed me and infused me with renewed passion and vigor to believe God for fulfilling every dream in my life. It doesn’t just tell about one man sold out to God, believing Him for the impossible. The author gives examples from the lives of people who anyone can identify with.  This is especially true with the inspirational story of Norm in Chapter 12, who had been involved in illegal activity before he accepted Christ.

Steven Furtick takes familiar Bible stories with Moses, Joshua and others to new heights because he truly walks what he teaches. God is no respecter of persons, so what He has done for others, He will do in your life – if you have the faith to believe – for without faith, it is impossible to please God.

I was initially distracted by what I considered to be the use of incomplete sentences and some grammar issues; however, the message being told is so compelling that these things quickly fade.  One of the things that I appreciated was the Sun Stand Still Lexicon in chapter four.  Furtick  defines terms that you may be familiar with for clarity because what something means to you may not be what it means to me.  

If you are tired of the mundane and really want to walk victoriously so that God says “well done, my good and faithful servant” on that final day, then this is a must-read book! Steven Furtick will redefine what vision, faith and miracles mean to you.

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  1. Sabrina Stennis

    I can’t wait to get my copy, I talk grammatically incorrect so I’m sure I am going to be right with the author when I read this book- lol. Just reading your blog gave me goosebumps, and made me thirsty – Thanks Elder

  2. I really badly wanted to read this book, but I don’t have a copy! There’s no copy in our bookstore. :(

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